Homes For Sale By Man Num

Homes for Sale Mannum is a private limited company that purchases, develops and rehabilitates homes. The company was established in November 2021 and is based in Cardiff. It is one of the few companies in Wales to be formally registered. Its registered office is in Cardiff Bay. Homes For Sale by Mannum have been able to draw new business because it is able to offer custom-designed homes.

Homes For Sale by Mannum is a not for profit company, therefore it has to pay tax. It also has to register with Companies House in the UK as a company that does business in Wales. Its financial year ends on the last day of the month of December. It has the goal to build twenty homes for sale within two years. The company also aims at helping people to own their homes for a long period by providing low cost housing.

A number of websites are available that show the homes for sale by Mannum in Wales. These include a home’s directory and a database of homes. One can also view photos of homes and the owners. To get in touch with homes For Sale by Mannum or to buy a home from them, contact them through their website.