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When it comes to complete window replacement, you want to get the best price on your window repairs. If you are not aware of all of the variables that can have an impact on the repair costs, though, it may not make financial sense to purchase a brand new window for your home right now. For instance, if your window had just suffered water damage but the frame stayed intact, you would most likely be able to find a window treatment at a discounted rate from the dealer. But, if the frame on your window has buckled in some way, or the glass itself is completely shattered, then you may need to purchase a complete new window instead. There are many considerations that can help you decide which option to select.

Complete window replacement -Get the best price on your window repairs

The first decision that you will need to make when considering the complete window replacement is whether you would prefer a frame-in-frame installation or a sash-in-frame installation. Frame-in-frame installations have the frame sectioned off in order to provide a clean seam along the entire window. The benefits to this kind of installation are often lower price, the ability to maintain the same visually appealing window all throughout your house, and usually a reasonably quick installation time. For a homeowner with a damaged window that was the unfortunate victim of a baseball or other stray stone flying through the wind, sash-in-frame replacement may make a lot of sense.

The second decision that you will need to make when considering the complete window replacement is whether to go with new window trim. Window trim is often sold separately, so you will need to determine if the cost of trim will offset the savings you would get from having the old trim replaced. The trim in many cases is a vinyl product that can be installed by its own instructions or can be worked into the frame according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to remember that the new trim will likely not look as nice if it is installed over an older trim. If you are replacing the entire window, including the sash, you should consider adding a matching sash cover that will match the new trim.


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