Arendal Gestaltterapi – Die Natur der Depression aus Sicht der Gestalttherapie

Arendal Gestaltterapi is an approach to therapy that stress the individual experience in the moment, including the client’s personal responsibility for their experience, and the relationship between the client and the therapist. The theory behind this type of therapy was developed by the German psychologist, Winnicott, who believed that when an individual is deeply involved in a given activity, and has a strong sense of purpose in that activity, their experience becomes more fluid and the outcome of their experience becomes more likely to be positive and meaningful.

Arendal Gestaltterapi – Hva er gestaltterapi?

Gestalt Therapy can be used to treat many mental illnesses and conditions, including depression, anxiety, phobias, addiction, addictions, stress and even addictions. Although Gestalt Therapy is not a new concept, it is growing in popularity as more people realize its benefits for their clients. The benefits of Gestalt Therapy are very appealing, especially for those clients who suffer from mental illness and have difficulty staying motivated, or who experience difficulties in getting started or finishing a task.

Gestalt Therapy is an extremely important tool for helping us work through difficult times, whether we are facing serious illness or trauma, dealing with addiction issues, or just looking for ways to take charge of our own lives. Through Gestalt Therapy, you can become much more focused in your own life and achieve more in your personal development.