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WASIO headshot booth in San Diego Convention Center during ASMS conference

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Top Cosmetic Tattoo Salons in Melbourne


If there’s something you need to learn about charm trends today it’s this: bushy eyebrows are here to remain. So if you have actually been ahh-ing and umming about what charm regime to adopt next, cosmetic eyebrow tattooing and styling ought to be at the top of your agenda. Eyebrows did! Eyebrow tattooing has actually ended up being all the rage at the moment with numerous celebs sporting a thicker eyebrow. Precisely how does it work and is it worth all the eyebrow pain and expense?


Nailing the optimal shape or colour for your own face can be a difficult feat, and no one really desires to live the over-plucked eyebrow game of the 90s. Melbourne is a busy city, so there are loads of charm hair salons offering a vast choice of treatments that benefit your soul, mind, and body. Here are the most popular Cosmetic Tattoo Salons in Melbourne:


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MienBrows’ Nichole is an appeal expert with no less than fourteen years of experience under her belt. She uses her original ‘Eyebrow Mapping Technique’ to accomplish extremely sought after ‘Golden Ration’ eyebrows and to create the perfect shape for your face (we’re offered– you can’t argue with mathematics, right?).


Amy Jean Eye Couture


The international success of Amy Jean’s brand is built on the core viewpoint that ‘no single eyebrow shape fits all’. Our detail-focused army of brow artisan appreciates each woman’s brow assets and facial features, to raise personal grooming to brand-new heights. Developed in 2004, Amy Jean’s faithful clients and dedicated artists have actually necessitated the growth of her eyebrow empire throughout Australia with 6 signature eyebrow boutiques and routine turn up stores in London, Singapore and New York.



Bat Your Lash


Our charm shop begins with a love story. We specialise in vegan, poisonous and cruelty-free charm treatments while aiming to be a plastic-free and environmentally friendly hair salon. Found on the captivating Greville Street in the gorgeous city of Melbourne, our appeal experts provide the greatest quality services.


Tayla Made Wow Eyebrows


She liked all things charm and decided to pursue a career in this field. The journey began in 2007 and she rapidly became a professional in makeup and eyebrows. Over the years, Tayla has gone to many advanced pieces of training in Melbourne and even took a trip overseas to find out from International Permanent Makeup Artists in London and Los Angeles.