How to Progress With Your Molly Coeling Remote Reiki Training

A Reiki treatment can be conducted individually or in conjunction with other treatments. For example, if you are trying to treat a broken bone, you would use Molly Coeling remote reiki while you were having surgery. Or, if you had recently broken your arm, you could have Reiki energy flowing through your hands or feet while you were at the doctor’s office. Healing is not limited to one particular technique or person, but rather is something that can be performed by anyone at any time with anyone who feels a need to use Reiki.

Molly Coeling remote reiki – The Sacred Tools of Usui Reiki Ryoho

As with any form of natural healing, Reiki can have its drawbacks. The most common negative effect of Reiki is that it can cause confusion or drowsiness in some people, a feeling of numbness or tingling sensations, a loss of sleep, or the ability to feel warmth or cold.

If you have a sore back or neck from lifting something heavy, you may experience a Reiki treatment and find that the soreness subsides after a period of time. If, however, you are experiencing pain in your back that is persistent or has gotten worse, you should contact your doctor immediately. Many Reiki practitioners believe that Reiki can help with the treatment of cancer. However, it is not advisable for cancer patients as Reiki does not penetrate through the bloodstream.